Review of promotional materials
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About me

My name is Miriam Hučko-Bubach. I am MPharm (Fachapothekerin für Offizinpharmazie) by training from the University of Greifswald & Florida I have had the opportunity to gain 20 years of experience in wide range of areas within the industry. Initially I spent some years in the retail pharmacy business specializing in HIV treatments, followed by assignments in Medical Information, Regulatory Affairs, Field Medical as well Clinical research across a broad spectrum of disease areas within the Swiss and German Market.

What I Do

Expertise in reviewing promotional, educational or advertising content and materials across all customer engagement channels related to prescription medication in accordance with industry compliance and legal guidance in Switzerland.


Examples of pharmaceutical/medical advertising:

  • Ads in the printed press (magazines, Journals for Healthcare professionals)
  • Patient brochures and bulletins
  • HCP brochures and leave behinds
  • Product Presentations for Educational events
  • Websites
  • Other digital materials like SoA campaigns
  • Related content translations/ proof reading DE/FR/EN if required

The task is to make sure the Promotional/Educational material is scientifically correct, in- label and in accordance to the Swiss Law on Therapeutic products.